In the area of atmospheric polution the activities of the Laboratory of Thermophysical Properties & Environmental Processes concentrate at present in the following topics:

Thermal Comfort indexes
The aim is a user-friendly introduction of two thermal comfort indexes. Selecting this webpage, meteorological data (temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, cloud coverage etc.) are automatically loaded from private stations situated in cities around Greece, the solar radiation for the selected region is calculated, and from these the Discomfort Index (DI) and the Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) are obtained.

Airborne Particles
Simulation of the dispersion of the airborne particles in the historical center of Thessaloniki has shown that the large concentrations in that area may not be attributed to car trafic only, but also in the industries around Thessaloniki, in bare land, etc. Studies are concentrated in two areas:

- Spreading of a very large number of passive samplers in the Greater Thessaloniki Area aiming in the simultaneous and better footprint of the airborne particles concentrations.

- Recording of all possible airborne particles sources (industries, bare land, mines etc) in the Greater Thessaloniki Area, and study of the dispersion/transport of the airborne particles according to the prevailing meteorological conditions.